Should You Take the Wedding Pictures Before, During, or After the Big Day?

Your wedding photos are more than just your average “went to the mall” selfie.

They are the visual story of your wedding day.

Naturally, you want everything about your wedding photos to be absolutely perfect.

So, in order to achieve that, when should you take the wedding pictures? Should it be before, during, or after the Big Day?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·         Most couples take their wedding photos during the actual wedding day (and, more specifically, during the cocktail hour). Although there’s no written rule about this, the cocktail hour seems to be the perfect timing for the bride and the groom to get away for a moment and shoot their special portraits (which involve the wedding party most of the times too). Doing this on the actual wedding day means that you won’t have to dress (and put on special makeup) on another day, just for the photos.

·         On the other hand, if time is an issue for you and you prefer spending more time with your guests, partying (e.g. you want to skip the cocktail hour and jump right into the reception party), you can always schedule an appointment with your photographer before or after the wedding. This will allow you to take your time when shooting the photos and make sure that they look perfect in every respect.

·         Furthermore, if you plan on having a Trash the Dress photo session too, you might be able to bring both the “classic” wedding photo shoot and the Trash the Dress one together, in one day. Of course, your day-of photos (e.g. the ones taken during the ceremony, as well as the ones taken at the reception and the ones that incorporate the wedding day details) will all be added to your wedding photo album.

·         In the end, it’s a matter of preference. If you don’t have much time at your disposal, you can definitely reschedule the special photos and the portraits (either before or after the actual wedding day).

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