Wedding FAQ


Q. We want to hire you to photograph our wedding, what do Ido next?

A. Great! Give me a call (920-246-8106) or Fill out my contact form. I require a signed contract and a retainer fee to hold your date. I accept credit cards so you can secure your date over the phone.

Q. Do you have a retainer fee?

A. Yes. I require 1/2 of your package price as nonrefundable retainer free to hold your date, and retain my services. The retainer fee is subtracted from your package total.

Q. Why is your retainer fee non refundable?

A. When I accept your retainer fee and hold your wedding date, I am turning away other clients who may want to hire me. If you cancel your wedding, I may be unable to rebook your date. I will transfer your retainer fee to another date under special circumstances.

Q. We want to retain your services but we have not settledon a package yet?

A. No problem, I understand you are still in the planning stage. With a retainer fee and a signed contract I can hold your date now. You can then take a few weeks to decide on which package fits your needs.

Q. Will you be shooting our wedding yourself?

A. Yes, I am the Mann, Owner, Operator and Chief Photo Taker. I bring an assistant with me, but when you hire Jason Mann Photography I will be your photographer.

Q. Do you bring a second photographer?

A. Yes, the majority of my packages include a second photographer. The second photographer is perfect for capturing details, and extra candid's when I'm working with you. This allows us to be in two places at one time.

Q. How much time will the you spend at my wedding?

A. My packages are based on coverage time so you can choose a package that fits your needs. I only shoot one wedding a day so if you want me to stay longer than the contracted time you can add on time by the hour. I always show up early and leave late.

Q. We are having a small wedding do you offer packages under 2 hours?

A. No not at this time. In my experience most wedding coverage extend longer that what the couple originally had planned. Its best to book the right amount of coverage, but I always let you know when were coming upon the time allotted and you can choose to extend it as needed.

Q. Do I need to provide you with a meal?

A. Yes please, if I am with you 4hrs or more a meal helps me recharge and keep going. You do not need to seat us at a table, most of the time if you inform the reception hall they will set a place for us on the side.

*Some things to consider if you planning on including my self and my assistant at one of your tables: try to position us close to the head table so I can still get in shoots during the meal. Also time is always a consideration. If your reception hall is serving certain tables first, it is always nice when we can eat around the same time as you so we are ready to go when you are.

Q. What if we have an outdoor ceremony and its raining?

A. If you are planning a outdoor wedding, I would strongly suggest having a backup plan. Most brides will have a tent or a back up location just in case the weather turns bad.

From the photography perspective, I have no problem shooting in bad weather, I go where you go. The majority of my equipment is weather sealed, and I always bring umbrellas. I am prepared to transition into any situation we may encounter.

Q. Will you travel to my wedding?

A. Yes, my bags are packed and passport is ready. I love to travel and explore new locations whether its a few hours away or across an ocean.

The Process

Q. Do you shoot digital?

A. Yes all digital. The digital photography advantage allows me to take as many pictures as I need without worrying about changing film. Digital gives the most control over the images. I can make adjustments and crop images as needed so you are presented with a beautiful finished product.

Q. What are proofs?

A. Proofs are the images from your wedding that I put up on my website so you and your family can log in and see your pictures.

Q. How long will it take to get final proofs?

A. 3-5 weeks. I work as hard as I can to have your images done ASAP.

Q. Do I get copyright to my photos?

A. No. As the photographer and creator of the images, I retain full copyright to all the images. Copyright allows the creator to use the images for promotion on any medium without a model release.

The client in most cases receives a reproduction rights which allows the client the ability to make as many print reproductions as they wish. If purchased or as part of your package, you will receive all the final edited images in high resolution JPEG format with a reproduction release.

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