4 Wedding Photography Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid Making

Your wedding
is a special, once in a lifetime kind of event. You want it captured in the
most beautifully flawless and candid way possible. You want your wedding
pictures not only to show everything
connected to your Big Day, but you also want them to send out your special
message. You want your wedding photos to speak without words. Years from now, when
you open your wedding album, you want your wedding photos to take you back and
make you feel the same amazing emotions all over again.

What are some wedding photography mistakes
you (and most importantly, your photographer) should definitely avoid making?

We have some tips for you – so read on and
find out more.

Allowing a very inexperienced
person to do it. When you decide to hire a wedding photographer, be sure you
hire someone who has lots of experience actually photographing weddings. Wedding photography is VERY
different than any other types of photography, so you need someone who knows
the ins and outs of capturing the perfect wedding photos.

Constantly facing you directly into
the sun. Great light is essential for beautiful wedding photos. However, brides
and grooms who squint in the sun aren’t exactly the definition of a “good
wedding picture”. Your head and bodies should be positioned in a way that
allows beautiful natural light to embrace you without making you feel

Not taking the background into
consideration. Your wedding photos’ background is just as important as the pose
you take. It’s part of the composition, and it allows the photographer to
capture you as part of your love
story.  A messy background can really
ruin even the best of photos!

You don’t ever look into the
camera. This is as much your mistake as it could be an inexperienced
photographer’s. Looking anywhere else than in the camera will make the photo
seem “off”, unfocused (not necessarily in technical terms) and just a touch too
timid. Unless you’re taking a picture in a position that actually requires you
to look elsewhere, you should definitely not avoid looking the camera “in the

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