5 Details You Definitely Want Your Wedding Photographer to Capture

Your wedding is a collection of snapshots you will always keep close to your heart, as souvenirs of the most amazing day of your life.

Of course, you walking down the aisle, the look on your groom’s face when he sees you for the first time, the tears in your father’s eyes, the cheerful smiles of your bridesmaids and his groomsmen, the First Dance, the Father Daughter Dance, and all the other magical moments of the Big Day – they all deserve to go into your wedding photo album.

Details of your wedding décor and wedding style also deserve to be captured too! Years from now, when you will look at your wedding pictures, these details will help you recreate the amazing atmosphere of your wedding day – so you definitely want candid pictures taken of them as well.

What are some of the details you definitely want your wedding photographer to capture? Read on and find out more.

·        The wedding dress. This is more than just a piece of attire – it’s a statement, a symbol, and a choice you made to reflect your personality, love story, and wedding style. Regardless of whether or not you decide to keep the wedding gown after the wedding, a picture of it is absolutely mandatory.

·        Bride and groom accessories. Your wedding veil, earrings, and shoes, his shoes, socks, and cufflinks – they are part of your wedding day look. But even more than that, they show the attention to detail you have both put in the wedding day and in making sure you look really amazing on this special occasion.

·        The rings. Same as the dress, the wedding rings are more than just objects. They are not pieces of jewelry – they are a statement of commitment, love, and hope. They symbolize the eternal love you bear for each other and how you are forever united in marriage. Taking a beautiful picture of these rings will definitely add a lot to your photographic story!

·        The décor. The flowers, the table, the small elements of décor carefully placed here and there, the guest book, the lights – they all contribute to making your wedding day feel marvelous from every point of view. Include photos of these details in your wedding photo album for a complete “overview” of your wedding day’s beauty.

·        The cake. Let’s face it: everyone will be looking forward to a slice of delicious cake – and since this is one of your reception’s most central pieces, it’s completely natural to include it among the details that made your wedding feel even more special!

Looking for a dedicated wedding photographer in Wisconsin? Contact Jason Mann Photography and hire us for your Big Day – we will make sure all the amazing details of this special live event will be captured in a genuinely beautiful way!

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