How to Look Amazing in Your Wedding Photos

If you’re like most brides out there, you want to look amazing on your wedding day – and you want to look at least as great in your wedding pictures too.

How do you do that though? How to look amazing in your wedding photos?

We have gathered some tips for you, so read on and find out more.

·        Practice your pose. It may sound silly for you to practice your wedding poses in the mirror, but the truth is that this is something that can actually help. Of course, you shouldn’t obsess over this – but looking in the mirror and trying on a couple of poses you think would suit you and your style can help you be more self-confident in front of the camera.

·        When in doubt, take the Hollywood pose. You definitely know this pose: your body is turned about 45 degrees towards the camera, one of your hands is on your hip, your legs are crossed one in front of the other (with the leg on the back sustaining your weight). This is a universally flattering pose – that’s precisely why so many celebrities take this (study them on the red carpet and you will definitely see how most of them stand in the same position when they are photographed).

·        Smile. Really, smile for the camera – it can work like magic. If you don’t want to be grinning in all of your pictures, at least show the camera a slight smile – or, if you want to be more serious, add an “eye smile” (just think of how happy you are on this special day, it will definitely transpire in the picture!).

·        Choose the right makeup. Tan skin looks amazing in the pictures. However, it’s important to schedule a spray tan long enough before the wedding to allow it to enter the skin and adjust to a natural shade. The more unnatural your tan is, the more orange it will look in the photos. Also, orange and pink makeup may not be the best options for everyone – they can be flattering, but a lot of brides find that it just makes them look too unnatural or tired.

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