Wedding Photography Vs Videography: What to Know

You want to remember every small detail of
your Big Day – because this is, indeed, one of the biggest and happiest events
of your life.

Unfortunately, the human memory can only
“record” so much – and that’s where wedding
and videographers come in.

What is the difference – why would you
settle on one vs. the other, and most importantly, why would you choose to have
both at your wedding?

We have some tips for you – so read on and
find out more.

A good wedding photographer is
indispensable at any wedding. Regardless of whether or not you decide to bring
in a videographer as well, hiring a photographer is just one of those MUSTs you
have to consider from the very beginning.

The reason is connected to the
fact that only a professional photographer can actually capture all those
gorgeous details, all the smiles, all the emotions rushing through you, your
loved one, your parents, and everyone dear to you. Wedding photographers know how
to put everything in the best light and create a collection of wedding pictures
that will truly remind you of the most amazing parts of the Big Day.

Of course, every couple’s style
is different and I always encourage brides and grooms to search for a
photographer who’s actually compatible with them – both in terms of
photographic style and in terms of personality (remember, this person will
follow you around for most of the wedding day).

Obviously, bringing in a
videographer will help you capture the livelier moments – such as the speeches,
or the wedding vows, for example. But in most cases, videography is a
complement to photography – so you might want to place the latter as a

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