4 Amazing Ideas for Your Bridesmaids’ Photos

As the bride, you are more than thankful for the amazing ladies who stood by your side throughout the entire Wisconsin wedding planning process. These are the women who helped you pick the dress, the cake, the perfect makeup and the most adorable shoes. These are the girls whose shoulder you cried on when things got rough.

These are your best friends and your closest partners in crime.
Of course you want to make them feel special on the Big Day – and taking some unique pictures with them will definitely help with this.

What are some of the very best bridesmaids’ photos ideas? We have gathered them right below – so read on if you are looking for inspiration.

 • Getting ready. Of course, you will be the VIP of the Getting Ready photos – but including a couple of pictures with your bridesmaids getting ready and helping you get ready will definitely help them feel amazing. Plus, these pictures are bound to be full of genuine, raw emotion – just what you need to start your wedding photo album with!

 • Just them. Your bridesmaids will take a lot of pictures with you, of course. But how about dedicating them a special place in your album – just them, no bride, no groom, no groomsmen? They can have tons of fun with this mini photo session – and it will definitely make them feel really great!

 • The groom. How about shooting a few fun photos with the groom as well? These could be cute photos, like those that involve “stealing” the groom or swaying him away from the wedding. Let your (and your bridesmaids’) creativity roam wild here, because these photos can turn into true gems!

• The details. Every detail matters when it comes to the Big Day – so why not have your bridesmaids’ details captured too? Their bouquets, their corsages, their hair, their dresses – shooting a couple of photos with the details that make your bridesmaids’ look will definitely help you capture the essence of your wedding day, as well as make your bridesmaids feel part of this hugely important moment in your life.

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